Women's and Children's Minister


St Nicholas Church Sevenoaks (TN13 1JA)

Date posted: 28th May 2024
Application ends: 21st June 2024

To partner with and support the Congregational Pastor at StNicholas@LadyBoswell's in all aspects of ministry, with particular responsibility for ministry among women and children, and in local primary schools.


Children's Ministry at St Nicholas@Lady B's o Teaching the Bible to children aged 0-11 at StNicholas@LadyBoswell's Congregation o Training up teachers and leaders for the children's groups at StNicholas@LadyBoswell's Congregation o Overseeing the organisation of the Sunday children's groups at StNicholas@LadyBoswell's o Being part of the StNicholas@LadyBoswell's Congregational Leadership Team Women's Ministry at St Nicholas@Lady B's o Teaching the Bible to women in Bible study groups and one to ones and training up other women also to be doing this work o Speaking at women's evangelistic events o Supporting the Congregational Pastor at StNicholas@LadyBoswell'sTeam Ministry with St Nicholas Staff Team o Liaising with the St Nicholas' Children's and Families' Minister and the St Nicholas' Women's Minister and working collaboratively with them on various shared initiatives across the congregations o Developing and promoting evangelism among women and families, including at midweek church-based ministries o Developing links with local primary schools, especially Lady Boswell's Church of England Primary School, teaching the Bible in assembly and classroom settings when invited, and supporting Christian parents in school evangelism o Being part of the wider St Nicholas' Church staff team with weekly attendance at senior staff meetings, staff prayers and Sunday services o As a Licenced Children's Minister within the Diocese, ensuring that good health and safety and safeguarding practices and policies are embedded in the children's work

Required skills

A committed Christian with an obvious love for Jesus and for people - someone with - a desire to see people become disciples of Jesus, - the conviction that teaching the Bible is central to making disciples, and - excellent interpersonal and communication skills,


Someone who - demonstrates a consistent Christ-like character, - is committed to the disciplines of personal prayer and Bible study, - is able to teach the Bible clearly and faithfully to women and children, - is confident and able to work under pressure, - is able to prioritise a heavy workload, - is able to recruit, train and motivate volunteers, - is computer literate and willing to learn, and - is fit and able to work as part of a busy team and be supportive to others.